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Farm Sweep


Redrock’s sweeper can be used in a wide range of applications and industries.

The Redrock Farm Sweeper has been made for cost-conscious farmers who want a top quality road sweeper.A variety of hitch systems guarantee an optimum fitment to your carrier vehicle.Basic equipment includes brand named wheels with height adjustment, mechanical angling including shear-off bolts and a resistant PP-brush.

Working width 230cm
3 point linkage Standard
Brush diameter 520mm
Waste container 200 litres
Required oil flow 30-40 l/min

The Redrock Farm Sweep has a large volume collector, more than adequate to hold brushed up material. Farm Sweep can also be off set against tractor allowing sweeper to brush material to one side.

The Farm Sweep has a manual trip mechanism to operate the collector and the brush is hydraulically driven needing only 30-40 l/min oil flow to operate.

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