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C300 Straw Chopper and Bale Feeder

Model - C300 Straw Chopper and Bale Feeder

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The Redrock C300 is designed to dispense bales of straw and silage.This is a versatile machine used for bedding and feeding.

The C300 requires only 65hp and features a rear self loading door so no other machine is required during the feeding or bedding operation. The unique butterfly cutting knives dismantle the bale with ease and the specially designed flywheel can spread the straw to a distance of 18m.

The C300 is designed to feed silage bales and the 2 piece spout allows access to the most difficult troughs and feeding areas. This small compact machine allows the operator allround vision.



  1. Overall Length: 3.77m
  2. Overall Height: 2.43m
  3. Overall Width: 1.98m
  4. Distribution Height: 1.5m
  5. Straw Spreading Height: 2.5m
  6. Straw Spreading Length: 18m
  7. Oil Flow (L/Min): 15.45
  8. Tractor HP Required: 65BHP
  9. Operating Hydraulic Pressure: 160Bar

Description C300
Overall Length (m) 3.77
Overall Height (m) 2.43
Overall Width: (m) 1.98
Distribution Height (m) 1.5
Straw Spreading Height (m) 2.5
Straw Spreading Length (m) 18
Oil Flow (L/Min) 15.45
Tractor HP Required 65BHP
Tractor HP Required 160Bar

The Redrock C300 is specifically designed to chop and dispense straw, grass silage and hay. This is a versatile machine which is used for bedding and feeding when working with either bales of silage, hay, straw, or even clamp silage.

The Redrock C300 can be operated by tractors 65hp and above. It has a three metre cubed capacity and will handle both round and square bales. It features a self loading rear door which can be used to load a bale into the machine without the need for a second tractor.

This machine can also be used to pre-process straw for mixer wagons. Improving efficiency, reducing mixer wagon operating time and preventing over mixing of grass silage in a total mixed ration are also key features of this machine.

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