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130 Series Alligator

130 Series Alligator Blockcutter

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The Redrock ranges of blockcutters are both powerful and durable. The broad range has been designed to suit all types of farms from the large-scale dairy to the more modest smallholdings.
Redrock ranges are designed to work with tractor loaders to farm handlers.
The Redrock blockcutters range from 85 series to 130 series, as identified below:

Series Maximum opening
85 series 85 cm
100 series 100 cm
130 series 130 cm


Description 180 (5’10”) 200 (6’6”) 240 (7’10”) 300 (9’10”)
Capacity (m3) 2.25 2.50 2.90 3.50
Width (cm) 180 200 240 300
Max opening (cm) 130 130 130 130
No. of rams 2 2 2 3
Unladen weight 1000 1060 1135 1250

Unique bolt on serrated blades and stopper points which enable ease of service. They are designed to stay sharp and cut through the silage clamp with minimum of effort, leaving a perfect silo face, eliminating secondary fermentation.

The powerful hydraulic cylinders are built to the most stringent industrial standards. The rods are coated with high quality chrome ensuring extensive anti-corrosion protection against chrome flake and rust. This also prevents damage to seals.

15mm side plates using S355 grade steel. The side plates also incorporate a unique stress slide complete with nylon bushes to absorb side on pressure, relieving main hinge pin from bearing all the stress.

The bushed bottom beam provides individual support for each tine, the Blockcutter is fitted with conus two straight tines in the centre and conus three straight end tines. A 12mm wear plate is fitted to protect the beam from being worn over time.

Blockcutters are attached to industrial and tractor loaders using bolt on brackets. Blockcutters can also  be fitted with a push-off system and hi-lift mast.

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