Trailing Shoe System

Slurry Tanker - Trailing Shoe System


The trailing Shoe delivers a controlled volume of slurry straight to the root of the grass without waste or environmental contamination. The injection moulded rubber distribution boot is flexible and long lasting. The trailing shoe and Dribble Bar systems use Ag Quip macerators to distribute the slurry manure.

Expander point creates a channel ahead of distribution boot which keeps grass clean.

Sprung steel supports maintains correct pressure on expander points for correct groove depth.

Rubber distribution boots are flexible and long lasting.


Trailing Shoe                                             7.5 metre                           12 metre

Spread Width                                                 7.5 m                                  12m

Road Width                                                     2.6m                                   2.6m

Macerator                                                     Ag Quip                          Vogel Sang

Auto Reverse                                                    YES                                     YES

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