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Feed Management

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TMR Tracker™ is a full-featured Windows® based feed management system. TMR Tracker™ also offers operators additional management tools including: operator control, pen review, online feed data exchange with nutritionists, ingredient tracking and numerous reports. TMR Tracker™ is an indispensable management tool for forward thinking operations!


  1. 1. DataLink transfers data using 2.4 GHz base radio
  2. 2. DataLink software automatically transfers feed information
  3. 3. DataLink software continually searches for data that is ready and for the feed mixer
  4. 4. Waiting to receive the next ration and group information
  5. 5. Monitor feeding activities from behind your PC with full key control of the feed mixer
  6. 6. Send text messages from the PC to the weighing indicator
  7. 7. Multi Mixer DataLink; ideal for farms with 2 or more feed mixers
  8. 8. Communication range up to 1,5 km, depending on location

Simply enter your feed ingredients, rations, production groups, and mixer information in your TMR Tracker™ software. RF DataLink (wireless) or USB-stick used to transfer feeding instructions to the indicator on the TMR mixer. The indicator displays the ingredients to be loaded, their weight, as well as the corresponding pen information. During feeding, the actual weights of loaded ingredients and fed ration are saved and returned via DataLink™ or USB-stick. TMR Tracker™ software generates various detailed reports, tables and graphs.

  • Compares intended ration against fed ration
  • Calculates and records daily feed costs and dry matter intake
  • Calculates “Income over Feed Cost” on a per pen/per head bases
  • Registers feed Weighback
  • Easily adjust rations for Dry Matter Intake (DMI)
  • Helps reduce fluctuation in loading and unloading
  • Reduces peaks and valleys in milk production
  • Replaces feed sheets
  • Easy, adjustable settings improve efficiencies and accuracies
  • On-the-go head count and pen weight adjustments
  • Integrated e-Tracker functions as an online data exchange with nutritionists and consultants
  • Set ingredient reorder points
  • Easy to read reports, tables and graphs
  • Interface with herd management software to update head count and track dry matter efficiencies
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