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Recessed Single Axle

Slurry Tanker - Recessed Single Axle

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The Redrock slurry tanker range is built to the highest quality. Rolled from 6mm steel, all the tanks are welded both internally and externally and include 4” x 2” channel rings welded inside the tank for extra strength and a longer service life. The Redrock body, wheel arches, supports and draw-bar are designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards to maintain rigidity, reliability and road-worthiness year after year.

Specification 1800g 2050g 2500g 3000g
Litre 8150 9300 11350 13600
Wheel Size 620/75 R26

(23.1 X 26)

750/70 R26

(28.1 X 26)

800/65 R32

(30.5 R32

800/65 R32

(30.5 R32)

Overall width (mm) 2550 2600 2600 2600
Overall Length (mm) 6700 7050 7300 7300
Barrel Diameter (mm) 1700 1700 1800 2000
Pump Size (Litre / min) 9000 11000 11000 13850



All Redrock vacuum tankers are made with 6mm high grade rolled steel. The tankers are welded internally and externally and fitted with anti-enclosure rings to ensure the strains exerted on the tank are limited.

All vacuum tanker drawbars are made full length and attached in front of the axle/axles so the tank is pulled from the front point of the running gear reducing stress on the tank.

The Redrock vacuum tanker is fitted with hose hooks on both sides, three sight glasses at front and one sight glass at rear.

Jurop vacuum pumps are fitted as standard and the spreading and suction controls are operated hydraulically. Tanks are fitted with anti-implosion valves and pressure relief valves for safety.

Commercial axles are fitted to all tanks 1600 Gallon (7200ltrs) and above and these are fitted with 28.1 x 26 wheels or above, for increased braking efficiency.

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